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Supplying Quality Inputs and Seeds for Farming Success in Mozambique

Our Commitment

We prioritize the highest quality standards in every aspect of our business. With a focus on integrity and transparency, we conduct ourselves with honesty and fairness, building long-term relationships based on trust. Our farmer-centric approach ensures that we understand the unique challenges faced by Mozambican farmers and provide tailored solutions that meet their specific needs

Services and Products

From seeds to fertilizers, pesticides, and more, we offer a comprehensive range of superior agricultural inputs that deliver optimal performance and results. Our team of knowledgeable professionals provides expert advice, personalized recommendations, and ongoing support to help farmers make informed decisions and enhance their productivity. We are committed to being more than just a supplier; we are your dedicated partner in your farming journey

Sustainability and Community Impact

At Prolibuds, we believe in the power of sustainable agriculture. We promote environmentally friendly practices that protect the land, conserve resources, and ensure long-term viability. Through partnerships with NGOs and other stakeholders, we work to support local farmers, drive community development, and contribute to food security in Mozambique.

Empowering Farmers, Driving Innovation

At Prolibuds, we are dedicated to transforming Mozambique’s agriculture sector by empowering farmers with top-quality agricultural inputs, expert guidance, and comprehensive support. With exclusive distributorship of renowned seed brands such as Pannar and Pioneer Seeds, and partnerships with trusted suppliers like Syngenta and Starke Ayres, we provide farmers with the tools and resources they need to achieve sustainable farming success

Notícias e atualizações

Importance of soil testing for farmers. 

From an agricultural point of view, the soil is more than a support and a reserve of water and nutrients for plants, therefore, it needs to be monitored through soil testing. It is a living system with complex interactions between minerals, living organisms, water, plants, and air. Therefore, healthy soil is essential to provide agricultural productivity and ecosystem services in a sustainable way, soil testing represents an effective tool to control your health and thus obtain greater agricultural productivity, soil testing can be carried out by laboratories.

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O uso de sementes híbridas certificadas melhoradas e o bom manejo das culturas são a chave para o sucesso do agricultor

A principal diferença entre OPVs e variedades híbridas é que os híbridos foram aprimorados ao longo dos anos para produzir mais e se adaptar às condições locais. Enquanto os OPVs mantiveram o nível de desempenho conhecido na velhice. Nunca houve melhoria significativa do potencial de rendimento de OPVs. Pelo simples fato de serem polinizadas a céu aberto, mostra que não se pode realmente dizer qual é o potencial de rendimento das variedades. Já com a semente híbrida, os genitores dos híbridos são conhecidos e essas linhagens parentais foram especificamente escolhidas para formar uma combinação híbrida que garanta desempenho específico da planta de milho.

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About Us

At Prolibuds, we pride ourselves on our exclusive distributorship of renowned seed brands such as Pannar and Pioneer Seeds in Mozambique. By aligning ourselves with these trusted and respected brands, we ensure that our customers have access to the highest quality seeds and agricultural inputs available in the market. We also collaborate with esteemed suppliers like Syngenta and Starke Ayres, who provide us with a wide range of superior vegetable seeds to cater to the diverse needs of Mozambican farmers

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Nacional N6 Bairro Herois Moçambicanos, Chimoio, Mozambique.

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