PAN 53

PAN 53 is a medium maturity white maize hybrid with semi-flint kernels. Since its launch, the hybrid has been well received by the farming community in maize growing areas in both small holder and commercial farming areas. The yield average yield for PAN 53 is 7- 10 t/ha. 


Days to 50% pollen shedding 60-65 

Days to physiological maturity 125-140 days 



Crop protection
  • PAN 53 is widely adapted in most maize growing areas in Mozambique. 
  • Exhibits high nitrogen use efficiency – which translate to increased dry matter accumulation resulting in high yield compared to other hybrids in the same maturity range 
  • Highly tolerant to common leaf diseases: Grey Leaf Spot, North Corn Leaf Blight, Maize Streak Virus 
  • Pollinates very well resulting in well developed cobs 
  • Good standability and highly tolerant to cob rots 
  • Has some level drought tolerance compared to other hybrids in the same maturity group

Additional information

PAN 53

Madium maturity, Drought tolerant, High yield


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